KoKoDo JuJutsu originates from a line of martial arts that dates back many centuries into feudal Japan.

Daito Ryu

Everything started with the martial arts of the Samurai of the Minamoto-Clan at the first turn of the millenium. General Yoshimitsu Minamoto (1045-1127) developed the martial art named Daito Ryu based on his experiences on the battlefield and through studies of the human body. He passed his knowlege to his relatives. One of the grandchildren of Minamoto (Nobuyashi) finally took the name of Takeda.

In the end of the 16th cenutury the famous Takeda-Clan was defeated by the Tokugawa-Clan. A few relatives of the Takeda family survived and served under the Tokugawa shogunate in the edo period. This way the martial art was preserved and passed to future generations until the 19th century.

A special role in history is refered to Takeda Sokaku (1859-1943). He was teaching famous martial artists such as Morihei Ueshiba - the founder of Aikido or Choi Yong Sool - who studied in Japan and later developed Hapkido in Korea. Another student was Ryuho Okuyama - the founder of Hakko Ryu JuJutsu.

So Daito Ryu was also the foundation for the development of other successful martial arts. After the death of Takeda Sokaku the school of Daito Ryu was lead by his son Tokimune Takeda. Since the death of Tokimune the school is lead by Katsuyuki Kondo.

Yoshimitsu Minamoto

Hakko Ryu

Ryuho Okuyama (1901-1987) is the founder of Hakko Ryu. He studied Daito Ryu and various weapon styles as well as asian medicine based on the meridial system. Among his teachers were the famous Takeda Sokaku, Matsuda Toshimi and Hirayama Ryozan.

Okuyama developed Hakko Ryu based on his knowlege from many years of studying asian medicine and martial arts. This made the martial art unique among other Aiki-Jutsu styles.

Ryuho Okuyama

KoKoDo JuJutsu

Yasuhiro Irie is the founder of KoKoDo JuJutsu. He started his training in martial arts under Soke Ryuho Okuyama, the founder of Hakko Ryu. Yasuhiro Irie was such an excellent student that in 1971 he became chief instructor at the Hakko Ryu So Hombu Dojo. In 1977 he received the highest rank in Hakko Ryu JuJutsu and the honour title of Jodai from Soke Ryuho Okuyama. Only the most technically proficient Shihan were awarded this title.

In 1993 Soke Irie left the organisation of Hakko Ryu and in 1995 he founded his own style KoKoDo JuJutsu. This martial art is also based on the profound knowlege about asian medicine. Soke Irie is a graduate of the Hanada college for oriental medicine and in 1988 he opened his own clinic where he works and teaches. Since 1995 the KoKoDo So Hombu Dojo is located next to the clinic.

Soke Yasuhiro Irie